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No More Poverty Productions, Inc. (NMPP) is a training and resource center for small home-based businesses and start-ups. We help turn an idea of an upcoming entrepreneur into a viable business. Our well-equipped resource center offers various services to cater to the needs of budding businesses. NMPP has significantly impacted the southern region of Houston, known as the South Acres community. Our concept of stronger communities through supportive home-based companies has enabled us to support the community schools financially.


NMPP began as a community church project in 2003. Eric and Phyllis Wiggins founded it with the belief that every household must have diversified sources of income to supplement their support for effective community service. The concept was established around the responsibility to support the community you worship in, not the one you live in. The founders discovered that many congregants worship in the community they were raised in and have left as adults to live in another. 


In 2005, NMPP established the Mentor A Child program, which partners entrepreneurs with select community schools to fulfill the needs of disadvantaged students. The Serentuity program was later formed to provide youth mentoring, Fine Arts Camps, Jr. Entrepreneur training, and community service responsibilities to young people. Unfortunately, in 2020, NMPP activities were suspended due to the community transition, closing, and relocation of schools and apartment housing.    


However, in 2020, NMPP revisited its mission and revised its commitment strategy by implementing a 5-year commitment, training, resource center, and revamped programs.  

Our Commitment

Our plan for developing more robust home-based and storefront businesses is centered around a five-year pledge. Throughout this period, we aim to offer our expanding businesses the necessary resources, training, and guidance to flourish as entrepreneurs. Within these five years, we have also been devoted to building networks, providing marketing strategies, and extending financial assistance for a business to grow into a storefront.

Training & Resource Center

Our Training and Resource Center is fully equipped to help entrepreneurs during their 20-week program. We have discovered that many home-based businesses fail due to the lack of training and technology to start and maintain them. Therefore, our Resource and Training Center provides the necessary technology, training, mentorship, and resources to help budding businesses succeed.

Our Programs

Our programs are established around the 5-year commitment with our entrepreneurs.  We begin the first year with a 20-week start-up program with the primary business training to get started.  We then commit to offering the needed resources, training, mentorship, and workspace needed to assist the entrepreneur in their budding process.

Our Mission

To assist small and home-based disadvantaged entrepreneurs with the training and resources needed to succeed in an ever-evolving technological environment.

Our Core Values and Guiding Principles are intertwined to develop the characteristics of Compassion, Empathy, and Charity within each impacted community.   We hold the standard of Inclusivity and Diversification, believing that all humankind is unique in their creativity and unified as a community through their contribution.  We are committed to signifying this through our programs.

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