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Entrepreneur Program

Your support to NMPP helps us to provide the necessary resources to develop the entrepreneurial skills needed for small business owners within the low-impacted and transposed communities.

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NMPP Serentuity 

Serentuity is a program formed to provide Mentor programs, Youth Motivational Camps, Youth Entrepreneur Camps, and Fine Arts Camps using the Entrepreneur concept of problem-solving and leadership.  Your Support helps sponsor a child to attend these camps.

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NMPP MAC Program

The MAC (Mentor A Child) program is designed to support and assist schools in our appointed disadvantaged communities.  With your commitment to support, we are able to adopt a child in need of mentoring and support during the school season.

All donations for NMPP programs are given through the Paypal portal. 
You will be redirected to Paypal.

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Transparency is our mission at NMPP.  View our mission for 2024 and find your support niche as we infuse the communities with the entrepreneurial spirit.  

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